Hydraulic transmission and clutch assembly

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                  Hydraulic transmission and clutch assembly

December 2, 1958 R. Howell v ,, 4HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSION AND CLUTCH ASSEMBLY Filed June 11, 1954 2 Sheets 1 N vlww leaves 1'' I v I the \ I) E to 03 gg ? HOWELL ROBERT INVENTOR i / .IBMDecember 2, 1958 ATTORNEY R. v HOWELL 2862405I TRANSMISSIONAND HYDRAULIC COUPLING 2 Sheets - 2 Sheet June 11, 1954 Filed figure . May . 
Figure 42 . 9.. figure 6. Figure 4.ROBERT HOWELL - INVENTOR .U.S. Patent LAWYER 9 HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSION AND CLUTCH Robert V. Howell , Fort Worth, TexasApplication June 11, 1954 , Serial No. 436 1106 Claims . (Cl. 74-768 ) This invention relates to variable speed drives and has reference to the hydraulic means for the control and operation thereof .An object of the invention to provide a hydraulic drive transmission capable of forward and reverse variable speed and one to serve as a clutch and brake as well .Another object of the invention to provide a variable speed transmission capable of operating hydraulically controlled in any desired position , thus giving the versatility of use.Another object of the invention to provide a hydraulically controlled transmission in which the hydraulic fluid is relatively cold .A further object of the invention to provide a relatively lightweight construction economic capable of transmitting large torque loads with very little loss of energy. IIn the accompanying drawing :Figure 1 is a broken cross sectional view of the variable speed transmission incorporating the features of the invention.Figure 2 is a broken cross sectional view of the transmission shown in Figure 1.Figure 3 is a broken perspective view of the gear pump and portions of the orbit gears with which the gears mesh pump . I Figure 4 is a broken top plan view of the valve arrangement for controlling flow of hydraulic fluid in the gear pump. The position of the drive plates is shown neutral position of the transmission.Figure 5 is a top plan view of the drive plates and slip control in a position to reverse the torque supplied by this transmission.Figures 6 to 9 are broken sectional views of the pump and valve arrangements and show, respectively, the neutral , forward, back and middle positions forward speed control arrangement of the valve " ;In the drawings, the numeral 10 generally designates a transmission casing having aligned driving'and hand driven shafts 12 mounted in bearings 13 and 14. The case 10 is generallycylindrical and consists of spaced end plates 15 and 16 and a wall of the substantially circular housing 17 secured therebetween . A planetary gear 18 is keyed to the driven shaft 11 within the housing 10 and meshes with the large gear 19, planetary gears 20 rotatably mounted grouped on the spindles 21 supported by carriage spaced plates 22 and 23. Carriage plate 22 adjacent to the sun gear 18 is journaled on the drive shaft 11, while the other carriage plate 23 is keyed to the driven shaft'12 . As shown in Figure l , the carriage plates 22 and 23 are secured to eachother by means of spacers 24.An orbit gear 25 having internal and external teeth , and herein referred to as the forward orbit gear meshes with the large gear 19 of the planetary gears 20 , while the smaller gear 26 of each planetary gear meshes with an idler gear 27 mounted on a shaft 28 supported by the ice sheets of carriage 22 and 23. The intermediate gears 27 , in turn, meshes with the internal teeth of a gear of the orbit 29 , hereinafter called the train of reverse orbit . Both orbit gears 25 and 29 are the same size and are in axial alignment with each other.A housing 30 encloses the outer teeth of the two gears orbit 25 and 29 , and that the property comprises outer seal ring 31 and the inner seal ring 32 and the arcuate walls 33 therebetween. The adjacent edges of the orbit gears 25 and 29 are rotating in contact with each other and which are rotating are shoulders contact the inner periphery of the inner seal ring 32 .The upper ends of the arcuate seal rings 31 and 32 extend vertically , as in 34, 35 and 36, and such extensions may be integral or may be otherwise safe , such as by welding . The inner edges of the plates that extend vertically 34, 35 and 36 are arc-shaped to complete the circles defined by the sealing rings , and the orbit gears 25 and 29 tightly fit the inner surfaces of the arcuate walls 33 of the gear housing 30. The valve blocks 37 and 38 are secured between the vertical extensions 34, 35 and 36, as shown in Figure 3, and the inner edges of the blocks which also fit closely with the outer diameter of the orbit gears 25 and 29. Each block 37 and 38 of the valve into the chamber , as in 39 and 40 , to closely receive forward and reverse pump gears 41 and 42 which are supported on a shaft 43 positioned through the plate extensions 34, 35 and 36 . Pump gears 41 and 42 mesh with the outer teeth of the gears 25 and 29 orbit , and the chambers 39 ' and 40 are open at their inner sides for the purpose.Each gear pump 41 and 42 is controlled by a rotary valve 44 and 45 upright in the respective blocks 37 and 38 of the valve, and that the elements are located on opposite sides of said pump gears . The outer ends extending from the elements 44 and 45 are provided with round valve , Fiat drive plates 46 and 47. The walls of the housing 17 extending vertically at each side thereof , as at 48, and is coupled to the parts of the extensions of the seal ring 34 , 35 and 36 , and blocks 37 and 38 of the valve. If plate 49 fits over the upper end of the wall extension box corresponding extensions 48 and 50 of plates 16 cases . A cover 51 is held in place above the drive plates 46 and 47 by screws 52, as shown in Figure 2. A control rod 53 is slidably mounted in the housing cover 49 and has'projecting pins54 and 55 therein for coa - ction with cam slots 56 and 57 on the drive plates 46 and 47. Additional slots 58 and 59 are formed in the control plates 46 and 47 for housing the pins 54 and 55 when the control rod is in its full forward and full reverse positions .Elements 44 and valve 45 are provided transverse grooves 60 and 61 which communicate with the ports 62 and 63 which extend to the gear chambers 39 and 40. On the opposite side . Each gear 41 and 42 with respect to its associated valve 44 and 45 is a conduit 64 and 65 communicates with the interior of housing 10 by means of conduits of 0.66 and 67. A central port 68 connects the ducts 66 and 67 with the bottom center of the box 10 , but it is understood that the connection port 68 may be located otherwise and if the case is filled with a control fluid such as oil , transmission described can be operated in any position. Bypass ports 69 and 70 respectively connect the valve elements 44 and 45 with conduits 64 and 65 on opposite sides of the center of the extension 35 .In operation, assuming that the drive shaft 11 rotates clockwise as seen from the end which is mounted on the sun gear 18 and with the valve elements 44 and 45 in their open positions , as shown in 6, the planetary gear 20 to turn in counter clockwise direction and so cause the computer of the orbit 25 to rotate forward in the same direction . Through the small gear 26 of the orbit gear 20 and idler gears 27, the reverse orbit gear 29 is rotated in an opposite direction at the same speed as the forward orbit gear 25 , so the driven shaft 12 does not lights . During the latter refers to " the operation of the pump gears 41 and 42 are allowed turn'freely and much hydraulic fluid flowing between these gears through the bypasses 69 and 70. During this operation neutral , the control rod 53 is positioned intermediate , as shown in Figure 4 .Turnthe order to '12 driven shaft in the same direction as the drive shaft 11, the control rod 53 moves to the left with reference to Figure 4 , thus causing the valve elements 44 and 45 to assume the positions shown in Figure 8 . The valve element 44 in the forward run side of the transmission is closed , stopping the action of the pump gear 41 forward, however, to allow the passage of fluid through the pump gear 52 remaining . In this position, the forward orbit gear 25 is held stationary and the rotation of the drive shaft 11 imparts a planetary motion clockwise planet gears 20 while imparting a counterclockwise rotation to the small gear 26 the planetary gear which , in turn, causes the idler gear 27 to rotate in a clockwise direction . Since the latter is connected with the internal teeth of the crown remaining orbit '29 , a move counterclockwise is imparted to the latter, and by virtue of planetary action is concerned, together with the rotation imparted orbit gear , increasing the entire transmission ratio is given to the driven shaft 12. When the position of the control rod 53 is reversed, as shown in Figure 5 , the valves 44 and 45 assume an opposite position as shown in Figure 7 , and the reverse gear pump 42 is stopped , and transmission last action described is reversed. Any desired variable speed , either forward or backward , can be obtained by operating partly control rod 53 in either direction. In this last case , a gear pump , either 41 or 4-2 is restricted more than the other , as shown in Figure 9 , and the hydraulic fluid passes more freely through one of those gears to the other .To stop the flow of fluid energy transfer is diverted mechanical means, thereby reducing the power loss inherent in conventional means for transmitting power via a pressurized hydraulic fluid .
The above description and drawings are exemplary, and it is understood that the invention may be varied in many ways by those skilled in the art and which maycome variations within the scope of the appended
What is claimed is:1. A variable speed transmission , a pair of shafts in axial alignment with each other , a pair of orbit gears side by side relation each with internal and external teeth , each orbit gear is positioned around the axis of each of said shaft , a planetary gear mounted on said shaft , a planetary gear that axially extending teeth meshing with said sun gear and with internal teeth of said orbit gear , an idler gear meshing with the teeth internal orbit crown remaining out remaining shaft with said shaft and the teeth of said planetary gear extended , means rotatably mounting said sun gear , said means being rigid with the latter said shaft , a gear pump separate meshing with external teeth of said orbit gear each , a supply conduit separate fluid communication with each gear pump , said control means selectively and said fluid supply.Two . A variable speed transmission as defined in claim 1 , ignore the conduits connecting said ports with opposite sides of said gears of the recirculation pump and providing means therebetween.Three . A variable speed transmission as defined in claim 1, a sealed enclosure around said transmission media and said duet with the case.April . A variable speed transmission as defined in claim 1, wherein the construction separate seals enclose the external teeth of each of said orbit Geari 5 . A variable speed transmission as defined in claim 1 , the construction of said means selectively controlling said fluid supply is in the form of a valve in each of said supply conduits , and including means for said valves operating in unison.June . An apparatus of the type described which comprises a fluid tight housing defining a reservoir cavity for receiving hydraulic fluid , a pair of articulated coaxial'shafts in said housing , a gear attached to one of said shafts within said housing , means attached to the other carriage of said shafts within said housing , said planetary gear daily transportation and meshing with said sun gear , a first gear with internal teeth orbit meshing with said planet gears , a gear fixed for rotation coaxial . each planet gear , idler gears journaled on these means of transport and gear meshing with said coaxial orbit a second gear having internal teeth meshing with said intermediate gears , said first and second gears having teeth orbit external pump gears meshing with external teeth of said gears orbit , means within said housing which encloses the external teeth and the gear of the gear pump associated with each orbit separated from the other for receiving hydraulic fluid to form gear pumps separatehydraulic , conduit means communicating both sides of each gear pump with the reservoir defined by said housing, valve means in said conduit means to control the flow of hydraulic fluid through each gear pump, and means carried by said housing for actuate said valve means .


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