Technical Information About Helical Gears

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Technical Information About Helical Gears

HELICAL GEARS when used on parallel shafts are similar in usage to spur gears. Where velocities exceed 1000 feet per minute, helical gears provide a stronger, smoother running gear train.
This type of stock gearing is furnished in 45° helix angle. Materials available are hardened steel, steel, stainless, aluminum, bronze, nylon and non-metallic (phenolic).
End Thrust is developed by helical gears, but this may be overcome through the use of thrust washers or other suitable types of thrust bearings.
When used on shafts at right angles these gears are commonly known as “spiral gears”. In this application they have only point contact between the teeth and are, therefore, not suitable for transmitting any appreciable amount of horsepower.
PartPk also sells gear tooth measuring devices called GEAR GAGES! Gear Gages reduce mistakes, save time and money when identifying and ordering gears. These pitch templates are available in nine sets to identify all the standard pitch sizes: Diametral Pitch “DP”, Circular Pitch “CP”, External Involute Splines, Metric Module “MOD”, Stub Tooth, Fine Pitches, Coarse Pitches and Unusual Pitches. Refer to the section on GEAR GAGES for catalog numbers when ordering.


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