Two-speed step-up gear with hydraulic control US 2170444 A

A114422 , 1939 . M. l -B. Bare / mou 2170444DOS. P'GEAR D SPEED CONTROL STEP HYDRAULIC filed as of 19:57, July 8 .Patented August 22 1939 GEAR -UP STEP TWO SPEED HYDRAULIC CONTROL Barbarou Marius Jean - Baptiste , Neuilly -sur- Seine , France July 8, 1937 Application , VSerial No. 152590 In France July 10, 1936 , the present invention relates a speed multiplier hydraulically controlled and which aims to provide a speed multiplier being adapted to provide for two ratios, such gear is specially designed for use with internal combustion engines provided with a supercharger of the compressor.According to a feature of the invention, the rate multiplier comprises a double set of pinion gear trains ' lines, each set comprising an outer rim adapted to be secured , in which roll the pinions mounted on a movable plate and a pinion integral with the driven shaft . Depending on whether one or the other outer edge xed by any suitable means, is obtained on the driven shaft to the desired speed .Another object of the invention is to provide each sprocket comprising a clutch plate or disc provided with friction lining , a movable clamping ring adapted to x , the displacement gradually against a fixed casing , one of the wheels or , by displacement opposite the other edge thereby also releasing the first one, which at this time have become idle , and is not involved in step-up process .Mobile ring, the surfaces of which serves alternatively for fixing edges is provided preferably with a circular shoulder engaged between two sets of pistons moving in cylinders cavities or the fixed housing and distributed over the entire periphery , displacement the pistons of each set is reversed. Under the action of the pressure of a fluid such as liquid pistons in a series, in the same plane perpendicular to the axes of the driving and driven shafts , move in a direction and at the same time the pistons of the second series move in the opposite direction placing a series under pressure causing the pressure drop in the other series .Control can take place naturally hand , but can also be done automatically on a plane by means of a measurement box and any mechanical relay that produces one of the speeds to be operational according to flight altitude at any time .A preferred embodiment of the invention shown in the accompanying drawings wherein:gears through the driving and driven shafts .. Figure 2 is a partial cross section through the line AB of Fig . 1.. Figure 3 is a section on line CD of Fig . One show- 55 tion of the control schematic .. Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of the passage to be Suppose that the motor shaft on which is mounted support plate 2 pivots 3 and 1 of the pinion gears 4 and 5 determined in number and dimensions of the desired speeds . AndA first crown wheel 8 centering on a portion 5 in a housing by a bearing 9 and the hub II III board 2 comprises a circular disk . I2 provided on both sides with friction linings I3 and I4 . Therefore, the first step speed to the outer edge comprises 8, the plate 2, the satellite 4 and slotted sprocket L0 I5 I6 on the driven shaft .I1 ring movable parallel to the axes of shafts I and I3 comprises two shoulder surfaces I3 and I9 . I8 surface shown in locking position against the rim 8 cas - 15 tion 9. Roller 20 supported by the casing 9 and a cover 2l, distributed over the entire circumference as shown in Fig . 2 to allow displacement of the ring.The second gear includes a ring gear 22 , f2.0ya support plate 6 with the plate 2, the pinions 5 mounted on the dies 1. The plate 6 is centered on the stationary housing 23 by a bearing 24 and the outer toothed ring is centered by the bearings 25 . It consists of a circular disc'23 and 25 two friction linings 21 and 28 .A pinion 29 on the trunnion 30 I6 drives shaft .I1 movable ring is provided externally of a 3I annulus between the pistons 32, 33 dis - 30 contributed over the entire circumference of the ring . The pistons can move in the cylinders 34 and 35 of the housing cover 9 and 2l ' .Delivering the fluid under pressure is conducted through the pipe 36 . In the case of part - tion 35 the first speed , the pressurized fluid passes into the pipe 36 to the pipe 31 circularly arranged in a plane perpendicular to the shaft axis . Small ports 38 instead of the pipe 31 in communication with the cylinders 35 . At this - press the piston element 40 in the housing flange 22 2 | on the surface of the movable ring I9 I1 against the coating 21 of the rim.In the case of the participation in the second velocity of the fluid passing through the pipe runs 3E 45 through conduit 39 , enters 4U circular ducts through the openings and penetrates into the cylinder 4I 34 . The movable ring bearing I1 then performed by pressing the surface I8 sprocket 8 against the casing 9.. Figure 3 shows schematically the control of the rate of change . Cornes pressure fluid through the hole 44 and enters a chamber 43 bounded by a cylindrical hole in the housing and movable both shoulders 45 and 46 55 are moved by a rod 41 . The first position of the rod and shoulder bounds a second chamber for communication with the port 48 to supply line 39 . The iluid chamber flows into the housing 43 through the hole 49 . Instead of coming into the position of FIG . 3 ' may ow fluid to the casing through the hole 50 , causing the pressure to fall into the cylinders 34 and the discharge of the ring gear 22.The device which is the subject of the invention allows to perform the progressive work compressor speed to a higher speed or vice versa, thus preventing a proper distribution of forces counterbalanced work an excessive rate or a variation too sudden work rate of the operation members .

1. In a step speed gear - having driving and driven shafts , planetary gear pinions to said shafts are in engagement , and two external gears meshing with the pinions and adapted to be selectively blocked , axially movable ring adapted to lock and release each other external equipment , said ring cooperate with friction material on the external gear braking purposes , and opposed piston assemblies circumferentially distributed around the ring to move it laterally against one or the other outer gear .Two . A speed multiplier as claimed in claim 1 , means for supplying oil pressure to a piston assembly while releasing the pressure in the corresponding opposed piston set .


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