TR Shaft Mount Gear Drive

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 TR Shaft Mount Gear Drive

Dorris is the third generation of the product line shaft mounts. This last product offerings offer the same design integrity and reliablility but separated from the rest of the design industry not only determines Dorris. TR Series offers:

More ratio options - three ratios, 30:1, 35:1 and 40:1, are new and only available from Dorris. Select a drive system to allow for several new options. They are low output speed, high speed, low cost motors, tiny, less expensive sheaves and a face gear drive motor within a substantial proportion of straight couples. 250:1 and 200:1, respectively, at 415 and 507 offer the triple reduction ratio, as well as double reduction gearing.

Tight design - a shaft-mounted gear drive to one of the most criticial Dimensions are based on the length of the shaft. Dorris TR design a narrow "the Thru-Bore" Dimension, Open (motor) that a bushing mounts by design, and partly through the drive gear on the drive shaft that needs to provide require. With these features, TR design leading competitor only requires about half the length of the driven shaft.

For Immediate Release - Quick release of tapered bushing, bushing install any comparison is easy to remove from the system maximum gripping power driven shaft that is compliant with flexible arm and threaded collar. Binding, cracks or fretting corrosion, is designed to avoid local welding and other problems in the design of many bushing.
 Motor mounts - just 3 Size 7 model, 107-315 are required. TR series shaft mounted gear drives easily CEMA Dorris or trough ends can adopt either a TL Series Screw Conveyor can turn to drive.
 Conversion Kit - A drive shaft cut and the trough end adapter kit is required as well as a TL, a TR / TL conversion kit, a TR to change.
 U.S. Made and low investment - TR products, versatile, efficient and cost-effective. Fully built with American workers and American manufactured in a U.S. plant.