Drilling device

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Drilling device

A device for drilling rocks, concrete, reinforced concrete materials and the like, a spindle rotatably mounted in a housing and a drilling tool is mounted replaceably on the shaft so that the drilling tool spindle and rotate together. A sprocket is mounted on the drilling tool. A motor positioned in the housing is laterally spaced from the axis of rotation of the spindle. The motor includes a pinion which moves an intermediate gear. Intermediate gear meshes with the gear wheel and drive the drilling tool and the spindle. The separation between the intermediate gear shaft and spindle is adjustable.

The present invention relates to a device for drilling rocks, concrete, reinforced concrete materials and the like and includes a housing, a shaft rotatably mounted in the housing, a drilling tool connected replaceable to the spindle, and a wheel sprocket mounted on the drilling tool with the gear wheel and the drilling tool is driven by a drive gear through an intermediate gear for transmitting the rotation of the drilling tool.In the new buildings and the renovation of old buildings, breaks should be built on ceilings and walls, mainly for installation. In steel reinforced concrete, which is almost exclusively used at present, the reinforcing steel in the concrete to be cut. It is almost impossible to cut with tools such hard material known. Action is required additional cutting of reinforcing steel using oxygen flame torches or procedures and as such are very slow and expensive. For this reason, and especially for large sections of rupture, diamond tipped tools have been used increasingly for the reinforcement steel can be cut during the drilling operation.Diamond tip drill bits tools or work efficiently only when the cutting speed specified for each type stays exactly. Since the shear rate depends directly on the outer diameter of the drilling tool or bit, a rotary drive virtually no steps or a rotating unit having a plurality of speed stages is required for the operating shaft. Such drive unit is both very expensive and moreover impractical considering the volume and weight thereof.Therefore, it is the principal object of the present invention is to provide a drilling device which adjusts the speed to the diameter of the drilling tool so that a constant velocity is basically possible. According to the invention, the desired speed characteristic is accomplished by installing a gear wheel on the boring tool and adjusting the distance between the axes of the spindle and the intermediate gear to drive the drilling tool.Such coordination by the sprocket and the drilling tool, mistakes are excluded. Connecting the gear wheel on the drilling tool can be accomplished by a threaded coupling, or wedge action safety rings. From diamond-tipped tools have a relatively long lifetime, the gear can be welded directly to the drilling tool.Due to the different sizes of the gear wheels, the distance between the spindle shaft and intermediate gear changes. To place the gear wheels in mesh coupling, the distance between the spindle axis and the intermediate gear are adjustable. In the simplest form, this adjustment can be accomplished by mounting the intermediate gear slidably into a retaining slot in the desired position and concentric with the sprocket. Instead of a slot, however, several holes can be allowed to receive the intermediate gear shaft.While working with different drilling tools, the cutting speed is to be maintained as constant as possible particular material. To achieve this feature, it is preferable if the diameter of the rolling circle of the gear wheel is proportional to the outer diameter of the drilling tool. Therefore results smaller tool diameter in a higher speed of the spindle and, in turn, constant cutting speed.Basically, the diameter of the gear can be selected at random in relation to the outer diameter of the drilling tool. Practical experience, however, has proven to be advantageous when the diameter of the rolling circle of the gear wheel essentially the outer diameter of the drilling tool. When dimensioned in this manner ensures that the gear teeth resist the stresses that occur. Moreover, avoiding excessive material requirements. This arrangement also facilitates the handling of drilling tools.Adjusting the distance between the axles and consequently, the gear set (or reaction) required for the operation requires a considerable amount of technical knowledge. To facilitate adjustment, it is useful to provide a disk spacer in each of the intermediate gears and the gear wheel with the line of contact of the discs corresponding to the outer diameter of the drilling tool. Through these spacer discs, adjusting wheelbases is significantly easier. After the idler gear has been loosened, which is movable relative to the gear wheel until the two spacer disks are in contact. Thus, the correct separation axis adjusts automatically. Mesh engagement of the gears is not prevented by this contact between the spacer discs because discs roll over each other.The various features of novelty which characterize the invention are pointed out with particularity in the claims annexed to and forming a part of this disclosure. For a better understanding of the invention, its operating advantages and specific objects attained by its use, reference should be made to the accompanying drawings and descriptive matter in which are illustrated and described preferred embodiments of the invention.
In the drawing:. Figure 1 is a view, partially in section, of a drilling device embodying the present invention taken along line I - I in FIG. 2;. Figure 2 is a sectional view of the device taken along line II - II in Fig. 1, andFigures. 3a and 3b illustrate additional drilling tools of different diameters for use in the drilling device shown in Fig. 1.
In the figure. January 1 drilling device embodying the present invention is shown, which includes a housing 1 having a laterally extending flange 1a is projected from one side of the housing with a motor 2 mounted on the flange. A driving sprocket 3 downwardly projecting from the motor 2 through the flange 1a. Driving sprocket 3 is in meshing engagement with an intermediate gear 4 attached to the flange 1a by means of a bolt 5. Inside the casing 1, a spindle 6 is rotatably mounted. A drilling tool or bit 7 is fixed at the lower end of the spindle by means of a threaded bolt 8. Drilling tool 7 is a hollow crown drill its front edge is equipped with diamond cutting the 7th. A gear wheel 9 is fixed on the drilling tool 7 and is in meshing engagement with the intermediate gear 4. In other words, the intermediate gear 4 transmits the driving action from the engine 2 to the piercing tool 7. The rolling circle diameter of the gear wheel 9 corresponds essentially to the outer diameter of the drilling tool 7. Spacer discs 4 contact 7b along the circumference of the rolling circle are in the intermediate gear 4 and the drilling tool 7, respectively. These discs spacers 4a, 7b serve to adjust the distance between the axes of the spindle 6 and the intermediate gear 4.Section through the device shown in FIG. 2, the pinion 3 is in meshing engagement with the intermediate gear 4 and, in turn, the intermediate gear is in meshing engagement with the gear 9. By means of the bolt 5, the intermediate gear is slidably positionable in a slot in the flange 1b 1a. 1b slot is curvilinear and concentric with the axis of the driving pinion 3. The adjustability of the slide intermediate gear 4 allows adjustment of the distance between the axes of the intermediate gear and the spindle 6 and the gear wheel 9. Therefore, depending on the diameter of the piercing tool 7, the speed ratio between the drive sprocket 3 and the spindle 6 can be selected such that the drilling tool is rotated at a specific speed. In this case, the rolling circle diameter of the gear wheel 9 corresponds closely to the outer diameter of the drilling tool 7.In the figures. 3a and 3b two drilling tools 7 ', 7 "are illustrated each with a different diameter and each diameter is different from the diameter of the tool 7 in the figure. 1. Each piercing tool 7', 7" has a corresponding gear wheel 9 ', 9 "cut diamond 7a', 7a 'and 7b discs spacers', 7b'.While we have shown and described in detail to illustrate the application of the principles of the invention specific embodiments of the invention, it is understood that the invention may be embodied otherwise without departing from such principles.


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