Multiple pinion concentric drive

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Multiple pinion concentric drive

Multiple concentric drive sprocket with large diameter gear fixed to a driven shaft having disposed before each drive sprocket and is connected thereto a drive gear unit rotating in turn is connected with a distributor gear for driving gear unit rotational drive, which latter has a concentric outer wheel about its fixed pivot bearing and reaction time acts against an elastic element such as a hydraulic piston cylinder unit. The resilient support of the reaction times of concentric outer wheel has among other advantages, the advantage of not occur reaction times of different magnitude and hence all the components of transmission power in the individual branches energy conduction each drive pinion are of equal magnitude.

This invention relates to a gear unit and more particularly to a new and improved multiple concentric drive pinion with a larger diameter gear affixed to a machine shaft or a driven shaft of a gear unit.Spur gears and planetary gears are known as basic elements of the unit drivers of the low-speed machines with high power drive requirements, such as mills, mixing drums, converters and cement conveyors, etc.Units conventional spur gear are large and heavy, or if more than two gears are meshed with the large driven gear have matching systems very complicated load balancing or. For this application, where the large gear that is connected to the machine was driven by two pinions, some provision was made for the distribution of energy or momentum distribution. DAS No. 1,224,579 shows a multi pinion spur gear to a great drive in which more equitable distribution of the turning moment or torque, individual sprockets are contained in an associated helical gear unit in its own box bearings. Two of these bearing housings are arranged on both sides of the spur gear that opposes diagonally. Each bearing housing is supported by the machine frame and opposed bearing housings are connected by control rods guided so as to form an articulated rectangle which is supported at both ends by the control rods guided. Mobile so arranged coupling of the two drive pinions each other requires the need for both bearing housings are supported by the spur gear. To perform this in the known multiple unit, the individual bearing housings present in the side facing the sprocket, wearing surfaces or rollers, which support the bearing housings of the respective wear surfaces on the sprocket . This construction has gaps in the distribution of torques between sprockets and results in a relatively high level of manufacturing and assembly effort.DAS No. 2,104,705 discloses a manifold unit for a spur gear of greater diameter in which, for equalizing the time, the pinions are supported on a common carrier, which is independent of the mobile spur gear to all sides, connected to the base of the machine, so that the equipment and the carrier only connect through the gears. By this arrangement, an improvement is achieved with respect to the moment distribution unit according to DAS No. 1,224,579. However, in practice, it has been shown that this type of unit has a relatively high manufacturing cost.Gear units are known for the transmission of high power drive with a transmission ratio of 1:60 showing a formation of three steps, so that the power distribution is effected by double toothed drive sprocket so that the sprockets are arranged on a shaft axially movable. However, these gears allow only power distribution to two branches of power to these units are relatively heavy and expensive.Conventional planetary gear also work on the principle of power distribution. The construction of this type of planetary gear is relatively light. However, in high power applications with low speed, manufacturing costs are extremely high because the internally toothed central gear involves special fabrication difficulties and also the other parts of the unit have to be manufactured with the highest accuracy.An object of the present invention to provide a system of concentric drive high output drive power at low speed. Another object is to provide a drive system which is lightweight and compact built, and provides an accurate compensation of the times individual sprockets. A further object is to provide a concentric drive system that can be manufactured at low cost.According to the present invention, a system of concentric drive for high power output at low speed is provided by a drive gear concentric with multiple large-diameter gear fixed to a driven shaft, that said drive sprocket large diameter gear unit preceded by a rotating gear to drive said pinion, said rotating gear unit connected to and actuated by a distributor gear, said rotatable gear unit having an outer concentric wheel mounted thereon and connected to a elastic element with reaction times rotatably acting against said elastic.In one embodiment of the invention, multi-pinion drive is connected by a concentric planetary carrier the drive sprockets and having a sun gear and internal in relation to said distributor driven gear, planetary wheel support relative with and driven by said internal sun gear, said planetary wheel associated with said pinion for driving said pinion.
Before each of the pinion gear is disposed a drive gear unit rotating the latter is connected with the distributor gearing so that the gear wheel of the outer concentric swivels gear unit the bearing holder 23 and reaction time is acting against a spring element. A core engine system is created which comprises several driving elements, which itself can be easily designed and manufactured cheaply, so that the entire drive unit can be built cheaper and more easily. Therefore, avoids an increase in manufacturing cost arises to increase the size of the system. Moreover, the provisions according to the invention results in greater reliability and less downtime considerably around the core engine system, in particular when more than three gears are arranged on the large driven gear. Therefore, if by chance one or more sprockets are defective and / or rotary drive boxes, the maximum moment to be transmitted can be taken by the other non-defective. This is especially advantageous for the maintenance and inspection of this unit concentric heavy machine, because in the case of failure, the faulty member can be removed and repaired without having concentric driver and driven machine out of service for a long.The resilient support of the reaction times of the outer concentric wheel has the advantage that it can produce a different reaction times of magnitude, so that also all components of transmission power in individual feeding branches are of equal magnitude .Particularly advantageous is the use of concentric conductor according to the invention for driving mills fragmentation, because it is easily possible to couple the actuation of the distributor with rotary gear unit through elongated toothed couplings, by which can maintain the open space between the superior power between branches and distributor drive gear and high-powered, that space is large enough to accommodate a discharge outlet of the mill centralized.Rotating the gear unit can be connected through the planetary gear carrier with the drive pinion and through the center of the internal gear for the distributor driver. Thus, the rotary gear unit can be easily connected to the great wheel pinion drive and the distributor drive. Preferably, the gear unit is coupled to rotating drive sprockets a removable flange, so that the quick mounting and dismounting is possible.In one embodiment, the outer concentric gear wheel is supported by a hydraulic piston cylinder device. This represents a simple and reliable elastic support in particular. Other elastic supports suitable for the purpose, such as springs may be employed.In a preferred embodiment of the invention, provision is made to connect the units of hydraulic jacks each other. In this way the hydraulic cylinders which are under equal pressure through a system of hydraulic oil pressure common mements equal reaction generated at various stages of planetary and all branches to transmit torques equal. It is advantageous to have a device for the damping of load peaks in the hydraulic system, preferably a gas pressure damper. Thus, cushioning of the moments of pulse and a more uniform power transmission is achieved. Suitable damping load peaks allows lighter construction with increased reliability and reduces the manufacturing cost of the guidance system.In a further embodiment of the invention, a control unit, preferably a valve is provided with the gear wheel of the outer concentric rotating gear unit and connected to the position control of the hydraulic cylinder piston. Thus, it is possible to immediately compensate for leakage losses in the hydraulic cylinders and for regulating the pressure of the hydraulic pistons. A deviation from a predetermined zero position, hydraulic fluid is introduced into the connection line until the piston and hence the wheel concentric rotating gear unit are again in their normal default position. The other outer concentric wheels also follow this adjustment movement, as they are mechanically connected by gears rotating the gear unit and through the drive pinion meshing with the large gear. Preferably, the control unit is connected to the pressure side of a hydraulic pump so that the pressure regulation of the hydraulic cylinders can take place immediately in the case of leakage losses.Other features which are considered as characteristic of the invention are set forth in the appended claims.Although the invention is illustrated and described herein as embodied in multiple unit pinion concentric, however, not intended to be limited to the details shown, since various modifications and structural changes may be made therein without departing from the spirit of the invention and within the scope and range of equivalents of the claims.
The construction and method of operation of the invention, however, together with further objects and advantages thereof will be best understood from the following description of specific embodiments when read in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which:. Figure 1 shows concentric conductor system in section;. 2 shows a partial section of the concentric conductor according to FIG. 1 with the flange connection between the rotating gear and pinions on an enlarged scale;. Figure 3 shows a hydraulic support rotating gear unit reduced scale;. Figure 4 shows a plan view of reduced scale concentric conductor;. Figure 5 shows a schematic view of the system of pressure equalization for the support of the rotary gear.. Figure 6 shows a schematic view of the position control system.Figures. 1 to 4 illustrate the principles of operation of the concentric drive system. The large driven gear 1 mounted on the shaft of the machine, respectively the drive shaft 2 is driven by at least two, but preferably eight sprockets 3 as shown in Fig. Three. Driven wheels 3 are arranged in a common housing that encloses four heavily oil-gear drive pinions 1 and 3. The sprockets 3 are each coupled to a planetary wheel carrier 12 of a rotary gear unit 5. Rotary gear unit 5 is mounted on the drive pin 10, pinion 3 which meshes with the gear 1. As shown in the figure. 2, the rotary gear unit is preferably coupled to drive pinion 3 by a detachable flange 22 so that it can be installed and removed without disturbing distributor drive unit 7 or operated with the drive pinion gear 1 and 3 . The inner center of the wheel or gear 11 rotating the drive gear 5 is driven by a distributor drive gear 7. The drive shaft 6 of the inner central gear 11 of the rotating gear unit 5 is coupled through a conventional coupling 13 with distributor gear unit 7. The drive motor for the system concentric conductor is connected to the drive shaft 8 of the distributor gear unit. The drive motor may be of any suitable construction and is not described in detail.Distributor gear unit 7 has intermediate gears 14 for reducing the wheelbase, the drive shaft 8 and the shaft 6 of the inner central gear 11 of the rotating gear unit 5. Outer concentric gears or ring gears 9 rotating gear unit 5 which are arranged between gear driven large gear distributor 1 and 7 are rotatably mounted whereby the reaction moments acting on the cylinder units hydraulic piston 15 which, in turn, as shown in Fig. 3 acts against the transmission case 4 to lever arm 16 that it is fixed to the outer concentric wheel 9. Also within the scope of the invention to exchange, for the external support, the outer wheel concentric with the planetary gear carrier.The hydraulic cylinders 15 are connected by pressure lines 17, as shown in FIGS. 5 and 6. In this way, it is assured that all branches of concentric drive power transmitted torques equal. Preferably several pressure springs 18 are disposed in the pressure lines 17 that cushions damping effect impulse moments of peak loads and so that the concentric drive can be made in smaller dimensions throughout.To compensate for leakage losses in the hydraulic cylinders 15, a valve unit 20 is connected to the connection lines 17 for regulating the position of the hydraulic pistons. The valve unit 20 is connected to the lever arm outer concentric wheel 9 of at least a gear drive for rotating the push rod 19. If a deviation from the default zero position, a hydraulic pump 21 feeds hydraulic fluid connection lines 17 which has been opened by the piston of the valve unit 20 until the wheel concentric position control is back on the normal position. The other 9 are concentric wheels this setting too, because they are mechanically connected through gears outer concentric wheel drive gear position control knob.The flexibility of the invention and its ability to adapt to different applications is illustrated as follows: By using the concentric gear unit in accordance with the invention is a simple matter of large driven gear mesh 1 only with seven sprockets, instead of eight as pinions shown in the drawings, whereby, for example, for operating a shredder mill, upper pinion gear and the upper rotary unit are removed and form a space between the casing 4 drive gear 1 and gear dealer 7 that the space is large enough to allow an outlet located in the center of the mill. Thus, it is possible without great effort to adapt Concentric the present invention, various requirements of the unit.


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