TD Series gear drive

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TD Series gear drive
Design for factory collection OEM Screw Conveyor Application

Most of its products due to the custom nature,To discuss your project please contact our sales team.Along with preparing for the quantity purchased will affect the price of options chosen.Our trained professionals guide you and can provide an accurate quote.

Factory gear drive, motor, mountain, sheaves, and with beltguard collection.
Shipped ready to install on conveyor
Dorris TD Series part numbers, motor horsepower, RPM Final Drive Identification
The size of the shaft, and provide customer products (ie motors and sheaves).
Desired speed is not shown, consult factory.
CEMA standard trough TD drives fit and finish is standard performance packing gland.
TD drives are SF = 1.5 AGMA Class II classification (SF = 1.4) and the V-belt.
Standard motors 1750 RPM, TEFC and NEMA frame sizes are standard.

 Belt Guard DetailTD series designed custom belt guard.Power of 16 gage carbon steel hinged door for easy access with coated safety yellow.Dorris V belt provides selection criteriaLoading a V-belt drive rated capacity of at least 1.25 with a service element is used with a gear drive motor power ratings using a nominal 1.5 Service element will be based - 1.5 or AGMA Class II service. The minimum service factor of factors when serving high-gear drive gear drive should be picked up from that match.Sheave Type: assembly / disassembly with tapered bushings for ease and a minimum of 2 grooves to be used only with sheaves. Sheaves with a groove bore size and will not be allowed.Belt Type: V-belt cross sections from one extreme (3V, 5V, or 8V) or classical music (B, C or D only) can either be design. Take a look at the selection of heat dissipation design would be a tooth or wrap.Downside: belt drive speed reduction final drive. 2.3 / 1 shall not exceed a maximum speed greater than 20 RPM. Because of this low wrap angle to prevent excessive belt tie will work.For more information Partpk company.