Timing Belt Replacing of CRDI Engine

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Timing Belt Replacing of CRDI Engine
The shaking machine, which can be removed by jerking weak, in which case then, you, this item can take it, "hover" may be due to the small strain bad, all bolts opened and nuts.

Now you need to open the pad itself, his body screwed holds three large nuts. Opened three screws and take out the pillow.

We opened the crankshaft pulley (which is inside the dust cover gear, four-bolt is screwed on) and finish off.
And service as well as the belt comes off. The crankshaft gear cover, which (see photo below) at the 5 bolts holding the dust cover, untwist

Parts which are hidden behind rollers, remove anything that can interfere with the extract. My issue is that the oil from the oil pump to the vacuum tube. Of copper gasket (circled in green growing oil supply pipe) Be careful not to lose.
(They are outlined in blue in the above image) Remove the four screws, engine support can be pulled out from the top. After removing parts from the engine looks like in the photo below, but in the back of the vehicle shall be:

Expose The Label Before Removing The Replaceable Parts

Mark on the upper sprocket on the same label, respectively, anti-cylinder head, crankshaft, can be attached in a position where an aircraft engine crank.

"15" button to take over and open up the tension pulley, then Allen bypass, remove them and remove the belt.

If you want ... usually, it turns off the pump belt replacement would be a more convenient opportunity, we just opened and the old coolant drain screw on the new one can . It is true that it is held by three bolts and a protective cover off, but it is not difficult to remove.

Label we put two new clips, cloth belt, labels are not moving out to make sure that the nail. The "bottom" tension roller (you can see in the photos below that need to pull the lock rod is bent), they crank the engine belt press, moved out of the label are not sure . If you moved, tension roller available for Ellen on her head (her picture circled in black) take can return to its original position, and the right cover, and then belt fine to make.

The label is displayed correctly and the tensioner (red circled) hex bolts, tightening belts are tensioned, then it will correct its position and belt teeth between the "jump" will not allow.
As a result, bypassing the tensioner in place is exactly. The next time I buy a two-pass effect, in addition to a lot more confidence, it actually was planted that little more secure feeling.

Stored in reverse order. I'm having difficulty getting dressed belt service. All of rollers mounted on the crankshaft pulley and throw a part, hold and crank turning the belt, the belt did not work the first time, put on. How to parse a little time with a picture will be taken. The camera was not changed and is not for images. Which is not explained clearly ask!

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