Turbocharger Cleaning of CRDI Engine

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Turbocharger Cleaning of CRDI Engine.

To look inside the turbine was decided to disassemble and clean. Suddenly, what should be changed.

A cover, "lazy" exhaust gas "slow" air: Somehow, the turbine consists of three parts.

"The Snails" eponymous shellfish that resemble the name of a piece of iron.

Middle interesting part. These two impellers, as well as the East, the oil supply pipe is connected to the mount, bearings, axle, contains.

In the form of two clips that holds the clip open and a small screw (green rectangle) it to remove the "slow" to remove.

Next, vacuum diaphragm opening (held by two screws) and remove the hose.
Now, this part is nothing but rust and dust and can be removed carefully. Carefully, it is directly under the impeller, and it need not be because damage.
Black plaque clean the impeller.                                        "Lazy" to get out of the pump impeller not  only looked at the top and clean.                                       


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