Worm Gear Drive

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Worm Gear Drive
Large gear reduction worm gears are used when needed. To 20:1 worm reduction gears, and even to 300:1 or more is common.
Many worm gears have an interesting property that no other gear Worm gear can be changed easily, but can not turn the worm gear. Angle worm gear tries to spin it, the friction between the gear and the worm holds the worm in place because it is so shallow.
This feature thus locking feature when the motor is not turning conveyor can act as a brake for the conveyor system, as it is useful for machines. One other very interesting worm gears used on some high-performance cars and trucks used Torsen differential,'s.

PINION cylindrical face with the author of the worm gear directly to the analysis of digital simulation procedure:
Worm face gear with cylindrical pinion.
Usually a regular worm gear and need no special equipment manufacturing or inspection equipment manufacturing face the worm. Localization of contact PINION gear tooth cutter or can be done by modifying the. Than a regular worm gear worm gear face more driving performance and high power gain. Self-locking worm gear face or back derivable can be designed. Different pressure angles on opposite sides of the tooth with the worm gear design is common to face. PINION PINION angle in front of the low pressure in front of the subject decreases the value by helping to avoid. PINION high pressure angle of the gear teeth on the backside prevents price. However undercuts the amount of time depends on the design of gear. 3 dimentional model is shown on top of it as equal pressure on both sides of the tooth formed with a face angle worm gear design is possible.

The author analyzes the face of the gear worm has developed the following tools:

(defun w ()
(setq n nil)
(setq n (getreal " Number of teethon gear <21>:"))
(if (= n nil) (setq n 21.0))
(setq k nil)
(setq k (getreal " Number of teeth on pinion <1>:"))
(if (= k nil) (setq k 1.0))
(setq lead nil)
(setq lead (getreal " Lead of the worm <11.899 mm>:"))
(if (= lead nil) (setq lead 11.899))
;;;step of pinion rotation
(setq dfi nil)
(setq dfi (getreal "\n Step of pinion rotation <30 degrees>:"))
(if (= dfi nil) (setq dfi 30.0))
(setq dfi (/ (* pi dfi) 180.0))
(setq dfi (* dfi (- 0.0 1.0)))
;;;Step of pinion movement
(setq dz (/ (* dfi lead) 2.0 PI))
;;;step of gear rotation
(setq dal (* (/ dfi n) k))
(setq gear (entsel "\n Select gear."))
(setq pin (entsel "\n Select pinion."))
(getreal "stop")
(setq al 0)
(while (< al (/ pi 3.0))
(command "copy" pin "" (list 0 0) (list 0 0))
(command "subtract" gear "" (entlast) "")
;;;move the pinion
(command "move" pin "" (list 0.0 0.0 0.0) (list 0 0 (- 0.0 dz)))
;;;rotate the gear
(command "ucs" "y" -90)
(command "rotate" gear "" (list 0.0 0.0) (list (cos dal) (sin dal)))
(command "ucs" "w")
(setq al (+ dal al))