Auto Body Repair Shops

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Auto Body Repair Shops
Auto body repair shops rest here is not only our name, but we constantly aim to impress your customers with something. Our goal was in before the accident or collision condition, better get back to your car, it is not. After you walk in the door, one of our staff greeting you and what is going to take time to go. Donkey techs for your car accident after the damage has been done, we also provide you with a free estimator going to. No need to worry, here we highly trained automotive comfort and have techs that specialize in each area. During the repair of your car are things we also have a smooth surface for painting techs removed all dents and holes want to make sure that, like welding, panel beating, are included. Color matching is another step that is very important. We color being applied to all aspects of the car's original color matches need to make sure. Usually a technician to make sure it is corrosion-resistant color to apply several times, we color as long as possible last wish. Each step of the process will be examined before moving on to the next, it's your car comes out of pre-crash condition is to ensure that. We also always in mind quality and safety of your car to maintain. If all the damage has been repaired, we will let you go through a final inspection which will take your car. It is you that will allow you to see everything, and before we answer any questions you may have will be able to give.
Auto Body Repair Shops Services
Major Auto Body Repair Shops due to a car accident reconstruction.
Painting - if you were in an accident, your car was scratched, or just want a new paint job. Check your car, servicing, and inspection of various components.
You break down and are in need of auto repair in Portland and who do not know what to call it? Fear not, you can count on us. If you have a question of the repair cost is free towing, we offer free estimates. The faster you can get back to your day so that stress off your shoulders, take emergency auto repair want to help.

About Us & Auto Body Repair in Shops

  • Easy auto repair and body away from the Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd with easy access to our store, located in the beautiful city of Portland. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry that are a full service auto body repair shops. Shop is up to date with the latest diagnostic equipment. Here we go in and exactly what is wrong with your car that allows you to fix. We specialize in everything from preventative maintenance. We repair and paint the body to help prevent these costly repair bills want. After an accident, it is our mission to help you.
  • Any and everything related to auto body repair to help you with. This, if you have a rental car to get to deal with insurance companies, repair estimates, collection, and also includes the repair schedule. Our highly trained techs and we use quality materials and components to make sure they perform the repair work that specialize in each area. Here's the rest of us in the auto offer emergency repair. We can be a stressful time, so we can easily keep our very best you want. Any work performed before starting the unpaid back to our shop, to the towing vehicle, we will offer you a free estimate.
  • With high-grade space, all will repair as soon as possible. All this for a reasonable price would be performed and completed. This allows you to get your car back in no time will allow! We have one more thing to keep in mind that your manufacturer's warranty. When repairing your vehicle, this warranty will be saved so that it correctly to make sure Service. It's one of our own, no matter how comfortable we are performing auto, service type, we are going to repair your car.


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