Auto Body Repair

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 Auto Body Repair
Auto body repair Sometimes a full body shop repair your car costs very little to justify but is too big to ignore or ask a dent
uge will receive. Work your body by yourself you can reduce repair costs.

(Bondo buy the popular trade name known outside professional circles) Body filler has a bad rap, but it is used correctly, it may result in a well-repaired can. Add a little body filler that does not have a body shop. In the old days, body filler made ​​of lead, but the sharpness of the brain cells and result in reproductive harm in using this material was sent packing. Aside from very few holdovers, body filler, sandable is a plastic resin adheres well to metal, and lasts a long time.

We properly repair a dent using body filler to show you how. The main ingredient you will need is patience. With a moving body is never repaired. Take your time and you will have great results.

What You'll Need:
  • sandpaper - 150 grit, 220 grit, 400 grit wet/dry
  • body filler (with hardener, usually included)
  • glazing and spot putty
  • rigid plastic spreader
  • flexible plastic spreader
  • automotive primer
  • patience, patience, patience!
Be sure you block out a few hours (at least) to do a proper repair. It's hard to stop in the middle without risking a screw-up.


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